Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-01-19
  • HUD Investigating Lenders with High Default Rates. Subpoenas Served at 15 Shops http://ow.ly/16kc1i #
  • Payment Shock Concerns Grow as Billions in Interest Only Loans Face Recast Date http://ow.ly/16kHkW #
  • Fed President Puts Timeline on Rates Policy. Raises Doubts on Mortgage Purchase Program http://ow.ly/16lbWh #
  • Treasury Reports Big Jump in Permanent Loan Modifications – The Treasury Department reported Friday that 66,500 of … http://ow.ly/16lFXH #
  • Low Rates for Just a Few http://ow.ly/16m1BL #
  • Dear AT&T: stoked about new pricing. Saving $700/yr+ in biz exp. Please light up tethering & MMS. Thx, TJBG #