Service Pledge

What every customer can expect from us

Since 1993, we have been measuring success by meeting the following expectations. Without exception we will …

  • Ask questions and listen to you in order to fully understand your needs.
  • Take full responsibility for our actions and be honest at all times.
  • Create mortgage solutions that complement your overall financial strategy, and allow you to most effectively accomplish your financial goals as well as your payment and equity objectives.
  • Be sensitive to any fears that you may have about obtaining a mortgage loan and earn your confidence as a trusted advisor.
  • Respect your time and minimize the amount of effort required of you by applying our knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness.
  • Use technology as a complement to our customer service efforts and not as a substitute. We strive to be available, easy to reach, & always willing to listen.
  • Communicate regularly and proactively to keep you informed of loan status and to reduce the stress that is often associated with the financing process.
  • Ensure smooth, on-time closings with anticipated costs and correct terms.
  • Seek to improve the quality of service we provide by encouraging critical evaluation of our performance.
  • Measure our success by your willingness to confidently recommend us to your friends & family.
  • Provide the benefit of ongoing communication & opportunity analysis by means of an Annual Mortgage Review.