Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-01-26
  • Evidence mounting that housing industry is double dipping (The Business Insider) http://ow.ly/Yhdw #
  • Mortgage Rates Steady (Mortgage News Daily) – http://ow.ly/Yhv4 #
  • Foreclosure Distribution In The US (2005-2009) via @mortgagereportshttp://ow.ly/Yht9 #
  • Home Builders Waiting for Labor Market to Improve. Nervous About Foreclosures http://ow.ly/16nkXE #
  • Today FHA Commissioner Stevens announced more changes to FHA. Biggest news: Upfront Mortgage Insurance increases to 2.25% from 1.75%. #
  • Housing Starts Decline, Permits Rise. Builders Leading Home Prices Across Tightrope http://ow.ly/16nQzu #
  • RT @mortgagereports: A friend says his bank hasn't taken a single 1003 in 2010 b/c the company can't get the new RESPA disclosures correct. #
  • Fed MBS Purchase Program Update: $101 Billion Left to Spend – The Federal Reserve today reported on their weekly pu… http://ow.ly/16onj4 #
  • RT @bnix: @mortgagereports You're gonna rock Mortgage Camp at #RETSO 2010: (I agree, but not 2B confused w/LendCamp'10 – http://ow.ly/ZcgI) #
  • Think Big Work Small live show is streaming. http://ow.ly/Zrk8 – Chat full. Set up overflow chat at http://tinychat.com/tbwslive @TBWSD #
  • Don't Expect the GSEs to Go Away Anytime Soon – CNBC Reports… Fannie, Freddie Cannot Exist in Current Form: Frank… http://ow.ly/16oRQh #
  • A New Take on Refinancing http://ow.ly/16peVx #
  • December home sales down nearly 17 percent. http://ow.ly/10mos (via Yahoo Finance) #
  • Existing Home Sales Give Back Incentivized Gains. Jobs Still the Main Roadblock http://ow.ly/16q6yI #