Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-01-12
  • Reading "What’s in Store for Technology Policy in 2010?", Melanie Wyne, Tech Policy Advocate at NAR (via @agentgenius) http://ow.ly/T7mj #
  • MBA Sees Distress in Q3 Commercial Real Estate Data – The Mortgage Bankers Associates (MBA) notes that, while some … http://ow.ly/16h6Ac #
  • Breckenridge home sells for $8.3m #sumco #coloradohttp://ow.ly/TmrP – (via @SummitDailyNews) #
  • Getting on webinar w/@mark_madsen – Learn 7 Strategies for Connecting w/Agents Online w/out Looking Like A Stalker – http://ow.ly/ToHd #
  • The new GFE requirements & the impact on mortgage origination workflow is debilitating. Confusion reigns. Hat-tip to HUD for mucking it up. #
  • RT @JakePlanton: Planning a presentation on the new GFE for my office. #RESPA #GFE (Brave or crazy…not sure which, maybe both) #
  • FOMC Hints at MBS Purchase Program Extension. GSE Reform is Real Issue http://ow.ly/16hAPG #
  • Thankful @Mtg_Revolution is almost here. It's going to take an army of the smartest originators in the US to figure out a new GFE workflow. #
  • NMLS&R is a poor abbreviation for the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry. Didn't anyone try and say it five times fast? #
  • A Trickle From the Equity Tap http://ow.ly/16i5ft #
  • Fed MBS Program Update: 89% of Funding Used – The Federal Reserve today reported on their weekly purchases of agenc… http://ow.ly/16i5C7 #
  • The National Assn. of Realtors owns a Federal CU & does mortgage loans. #didUknow? http://ow.ly/Uh4o #
  • GSE Portfolio Update: Delinquencies Up, Refinances Down, Loan Mods a Function of Labor Market http://ow.ly/16ixNL #
  • Rethinking Vacation Homes http://ow.ly/16iTBq #
  • @PaulaBParker thanks for the RT! Hope your 2010 is starting off great. in reply to PaulaBParker #
  • RT @jbinfrisco: #mrev special MortgageZen available in iTunes *free* for next 48hrs. cc: @Mtg_Revolution http://bit.ly/8hao1k (iTunes link) #
  • The Week Ahead: Treasury Auctions, Retail Sales, Inflation, Production Data http://ow.ly/16jGic #