JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2012-01-29
  • I'm getting back to this one someday >> Study: No Additional Restrictions on QRM Needed http://t.co/KLlIqB5W #
  • DeMarco Outlines Justification against GSE Principal Reduction http://t.co/13mINVlp #
  • QRM is a rampaging beast. It's already killed non-warrantable condo biz “@DavidHStevens: QRM-Impacts need 2B addressed http://t.co/Hzt7xxKD” #
  • District Court Upholds MERS Rights to Assign and Foreclose – Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. better k… http://t.co/sGJtWtJe #
  • Love when a purchase contract gets accepted when rates are improving! Clients happy, agents happy, everyone's happy. #
  • FHFA: House Prices Rose 1% in November – The Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) Home Price Index (HPI) rose 1.0… http://t.co/puPKos95 #
  • Remodelers See Business Improving – Like their home-building counterparts, remodelers who are members of the Nationa… http://t.co/lOBxUCw4 #
  • RT @SummitDailyNews: Frisco looks to cut red tape in building codes http://t.co/oiVkmPI8 #sumco #colorado #
  • These guys were out cold when I went in to get Jake another bag of the good stuff. http://t.co/LBt9v44I #
  • AG Holder Announces Structure of MBS Fraud Unit – The formation of the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Workin… http://t.co/MJphjvTp #