JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2011-12-04
  • Judge Blocks $285M Citigroup Settlement, Questions S.E.C Policy http://t.co/0cdWFwQM #
  • Watching this carefully as it will impact short-term mortgage rates. Stay tuned. http://t.co/ofr5kLcl #
  • Report Spotlights Impact of Commodity Boom on Home Prices – The Federal Housing Finance Agency's seasonally adjusted… http://t.co/g2Bx4biX #
  • @REALTORS thanks for the RT! in reply to REALTORS #
  • 10% growth right now is an anomaly >> pent up demand … but it's an interesting blip in the trend and a sign we… http://t.co/tQRncbCZ #
  • DeMarco asked for Proof of Authority for Loan Decisions – Sixteen House Democrats have asked the Federal Housing Fin… http://t.co/BdOTjxlC #
  • FHA: Further Premium Increases a Possibility – Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan told a Congres… http://t.co/eIHOT7fd #
  • Radar Logic: The "End of the Beginning of the Housing Crisis"? http://t.co/pxS8RxoO #