New Loan Option: AmFlex “Pick Your Term” Mortgage Program

Believe it or not, some borrowers won’t refinance because the current maturity date for their mortgage coincides with their retirement date. These folks are missing out on the substantial savings that lower interest rates will achieve all because they wish to avoid extending the term for another 30 years.

Have no fear, we have the solution!

The AmFlex loan program allows JBerman Group customers to amortize their Colorado mortgage loan for any term desired at no additional cost.

  • We can do a 9 year loan
  • We can do a 23 year loan
  • Heck, we’ll even do a 27 year loan.

If you’re on the fence because of inflexible amortization terms from lenders that don’t ‘get you’ than give us a call. Ask for the AmFlex loan and as always, call me if I can be of help in any way at 970.455.4131. ~ JB