JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2011-06-26
  • Excellent video post from TBWS. http://fb.me/PpnK1ANX #
  • Fannie Mae Downgrades Outlook. Housing Stuck in a Rut – At the second anniversary of the current economic expansion,… http://ow.ly/1dlQ0c #
  • Looking forward to this. http://fb.me/AwfGjgQM #
  • HUD Aims to Correct Rental Housing Misconceptions – Affordable rental housing is the focus of the second edition of … http://ow.ly/1dnbrU #
  • Economists Argue Over Mortgage Interest Deductibility –  (Editor's Note:  This is the second in a series o… http://ow.ly/1dowW2 #
  • Nothing New in New Home Sales. Two Times! – The Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development have r… http://ow.ly/1dpQt7 #