JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2011-03-20
  • HUD Focused on Rebuilding America's Dilapidated Housing Inventory http://ow.ly/1bLEwV #
  • FHA Chief Stevens to leave job & become new CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association – via @inmannews http://ow.ly/4faQy #
  • Originator Compensation Delay Urged by Congressional Committee http://ow.ly/1bMJjA #
  • Informal Evidence on Why Small Independent Mortgage Professionals Don’t Support NAMB – http://ow.ly/4g23B #
  • http://fb.me/R1TGaaXH #
  • Incoming MBA President Potentially Hindered by Revolving Door Policy http://ow.ly/1bNOM4 #
  • 1000's of ?'s fielded by Fed Reserve in less than a week for compensation call *happening now*. #LOComp #
  • Glad the Fed defined features like pre-payment penalties & interest-only as risky. Too much burden on consumers to have choices. #LOComp #
  • RT @jillayne: RT @mortgageporter The Fed is creating rules for the lowest denominators of LO's and consumers #LOComp #
  • I didn't know former NAMB employee Nikki Pastor was working for the Fed now. Hmmm. #
  • Risk Retention Regs Boost Mega-Bank Market Share – Debate continues over including a 20 percent down payment require… http://ow.ly/1bOvqc #
  • SIFMA Knocks Loan Servicer Settlement Terms – Calling the document "unprecedented in its scope and prescriptiveness… http://ow.ly/1bPyAB #