JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2011-02-27
  • Goofy. One of my 2nd mortgage lenders uses the term "Shock Payment" in their underwriting guidelines. Fire that wordsmith. #
  • FHA Commissioner Explains Logic Behind Insurance Premium Hike http://ow.ly/1bskyW #
  • Cash Buyers and Qualified Investors Prop Home Sales – The uptrend in existing-home sales continues, with January sal… http://ow.ly/1btqgO #
  • Fannie Mae Rolls Out Servicer Evaluation Program – Fannie Mae has announced a new program to measure and evaluate th… http://ow.ly/1buxo1 #
  • Unrest in the Middle East might create a buying opportunity at home. – http://ow.ly/435gE #
  • Fence-Sitting Homebuyers Face FHA Fee Hike Deadline – Both applications for FHA-guaranteed mortgages and FHA endorse… http://ow.ly/1bvDXJ #