JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2011-01-30
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  • Should you Rent or Buy? 1st interesting data visualization from Movity acquisition. (via @trulia) http://ow.ly/3JeTr #
  • AEI: Housing Market Can Function Without Government Support – The American Enterprise Institute has come forward wit… http://ow.ly/1b0N8j #
  • Home Prices Stuck in Negative Feedback Loop. Would You Buy? – It looks increasingly more likely that the country may… http://ow.ly/1b1NZ7 #
  • MBA Outlines Regulatory and Legislative Priorities for 2011 – In a press release and a conference call on Wednesday … http://ow.ly/1b2QgV #
  • GSE Reform: "A Responsible Market for Housing Finance" – Another party, this time from the progressive side of the d… http://ow.ly/1b3ULf #
  • Reuters Poll: Housing Bottom Seen in Mid-2011 – This week we discussed the outlook for home prices and shared persp… http://ow.ly/1b4Zod #