JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2010-12-12
  • Regulatory Agencies Issue Final Appraisal and Real Estate Evaluation Guidelines http://ow.ly/1akD4Q #
  • Thanks to Chris Doherty for the question & Mindy at Advantage Credit for the info. http://fb.me/AImAX2Ic #
  • What's the difference between a short sale vs. a foreclosure on my credit report? http://ow.ly/3lzoG #
  • Survey: Americans Split on Timing of Housing Recovery. Discounted Prices Expected http://ow.ly/1alG9x #
  • Purchase Demand Trending Higher. Refinance Apps Decline Again http://ow.ly/1amJkR #
  • Summit County NED's are up year over year while other areas in Colorado are seeing declines. Very curious. http://fb.me/FQVMOvxl #
  • Mortgage Industry Gong Show: Hasty Rule-Making Creates More Confusion http://ow.ly/1anMPu #
  • "Archaic" FICO Model Called Out by NAR. Credit Scoring Due Another Update http://ow.ly/1aoOgq #