JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2010-11-14
  • BatchBlue launches iPhone app. http://ow.ly/365Y5 >> I missed this while out of town. RSS is a good way to catch up. #
  • (interesting concept) >> In recent years Fannie Mae has been experimenting with an interesting new product:… http://fb.me/J203AM9f #
  • Realtors Ask Mortgage Industry to Ease Underwriting Policies http://ow.ly/19S5fg #
  • HUD and Realtors Team Up to Create Home Buying Video Guide – The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) a… http://ow.ly/19TinA #
  • FHA Commissioner Announces New Loan Product and Shares Education Resources http://ow.ly/19Uw1S #
  • Industry Organizations Request Delay of TILA-RESPA Integration http://ow.ly/19VHRD #
  • Mortgage Interest Tax Deductibility Back in Debate as Congress Looks to Cut Deficit http://ow.ly/19WPVl #