JB Group Weekly Tweet Recap for 2010-10-03
  • HomePath Property Buyers Receive Up to 3.5% in Closing Cost Assistance http://ow.ly/19c4hs #
  • Fannie Mae Offers Forbearance Option to Wounded Warriors and Surviving Spouses http://ow.ly/19d50h #
  • Household Formation a Function of Immigration & Employment – The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard Univers… http://ow.ly/19e5uI #
  • GSE Loan Limits Extended for Another Year. FHA Appropriated $20 Billion http://ow.ly/19f5lt #
  • Mortgage peeps, you can still order new FHA case numbers tomorrow. 8:00 – 5:00 tomorrow EST. #
  • Loan Servicers Prepare for Borrower Backlash. Lawsuits Mounting http://ow.ly/19fYmE #