How Important is Identity Security to Your Mortgage Originator?
We overwrite the encrypted hard drive 10x, sledge hammer it open, then use a bolt cutter on the actual drive a few dozen times.

As it relates to our mortgage practice, I’ve been thinking about privacy and data security a lot lately. Mortgage Origination IS moving online. This means thousands of individuals like me are discovering that it is both efficient and economical to operate a mortgage practice on the web.

One of the many benefits of operating in a virtual manner is the increased number of tools available that we can utilize to protect the critical identity information entrusted to us by our clients. Operating online, we have less physical risk than a traditional mortgage office. (More on this in a future post)

Think about it. A loan application contains all the information a criminal needs to steal your identity. Your information is only as safe as the competence of your mortgage originator and the people in their office.

I’ve seen loan files sitting unlocked in vehicles. I’ve seen loan applications sitting in recycle bins in plain view of passing strip mall traffic. As a consumer, when you engage a mortgage professional, it’s smart to ask about the measures they take to keep your information secure.

I think consumers would be shocked to learn about the general blasé attitude toward keeping customer information secure and private in the mortgage origination industry.

What got me thinking about all this today was the utter and complete destruction of a hard drive from one of the J. Berman Group’s old computer systems. I yanked it out of the box, took a sledge hammer and then the bolt cutters to it. Before any of this the encrypted drive was digitally wiped 10x (ten overwrites). Yes, it’s a little over the top but we recognize our livelihood is dependent on our ability to ensure that your information is kept confidential.

When working with The J. Berman Group, I can ensure you that your personal financial vault of information is safe. We take many precautions to ensure that the only people that see your information are the folks that need to see it to get your mortgage loan approved and funded on time.

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