Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-06-22
  • HUD Releases Mortgagee Letter Detailing Net Worth Requirements and Approval Process http://ow.ly/17KM5w #
  • Homebuyer Tax Credit Deadline NOT Extended. But Senate Vote Adds Reid Amendment http://ow.ly/17LHDX #
  • 2009 Mortgage Fraud Report Released. DOJ Announces 485 Arrests http://ow.ly/17MCcE #
  • Regulators Tie CRA to HUD Development Program – Citing the need to stabilize communities affected by high levels of … http://ow.ly/17NuvT #
  • Verifying Borrowers’ Finances http://ow.ly/17O9eR #
  • Administration Offers Monthly Recap of Housing Metrics – Excerpts From the Release… The U.S. Department of Housing… http://ow.ly/17PC3s #