Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-05-11
  • Loan Officer Survey: Most Banks Hold Steady on Defensive Lending Standards http://ow.ly/17gH7m #
  • Someone ought to let M&I Bank-Kansas City know the homebuyer tax credit HAS indeed expired. Poor saps still paying for spots on local radio. #
  • Revisiting Big Picture Fundamentals and the Bond Market's Motivations http://ow.ly/17hpEX #
  • The Day Ahead: Jobless Claims, Productivity & Labor Costs, Bernanke, More Greece http://ow.ly/17hHtV #
  • Gotta love when 'gurus' & 'experts' query twitter for tips on best this, best that. Are U a guru if U aren't willing 2 roll your sleeves up? #
  • Freddie Mac Needs More Funding to Support Housing. Expects Prices to Fall Further http://ow.ly/17i5aD #
  • Fed Paper Explores Financial Literacy and Mortgage Delinquencies http://ow.ly/17iLZS #
  • For Mortgage Shoppers, Less Can Be More http://ow.ly/17ji7Y #
  • Credit Loss Reserves and Foreclosed Inventory Expenses Eat at Fannie Mae's Earnings http://ow.ly/17ktRr #