Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-04-13
  • FHA increases FHA minimum net worth req. from $250K to $1M for all FHA-approved lenders. Current FHA-approved lenders have 1yr. to comply. #
  • National Housing Survey: Homeowners Adopting Realistic Long-Term Perspective http://ow.ly/16ZVVo #
  • Bernanke: Economy "Far From Being Out of the Woods" – The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, today gave… http://ow.ly/170zQU #
  • Mountain of foreclosures in Colorado resort communities – http://ow.ly/1wbJs (via @mountainsnews) #
  • Dramatic Increase in Home Overcrowding Observed Since Onset of Recession http://ow.ly/171dyh #
  • TBA MBS Notification Day: Explaining Why 60 Day Locks Cost More Than 30 Day http://ow.ly/171Qmz #
  • Suit Takes Aim at Recording Tax http://ow.ly/172i2t #
  • Treasury Advised to Revamp HAMP Policies and Rectify Confusion Created by Poor Communication http://ow.ly/173hOy #