Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-03-23
  • March Madness or HUD live RESPA webcast? #choiceshttp://ow.ly/1n7VA #
  • Dodd Releases Huge Financial Reform Package. MND Initial Recap http://ow.ly/16OXUe #
  • OH: @TBWSD Considering what our industry has been through the past few yrs, professional vigilance is a smart & reasonable position to take. #
  • Loan Demand at Stand Still. Are You Nervous About the Year Ahead? http://ow.ly/16PtOD #
  • MND WEEKLY: Recapping The Week That Was in Housing – I have done this once before and got great feedback. Let me kn… http://ow.ly/16QJvx #
  • HAMP Alternative Announced in Another Attempt to Reduce Foreclosures http://ow.ly/16RJIW #