Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-03-02
  • HUD Secretary Requests $41.6 Billion 2011 Budget. Five Goals in Focus http://ow.ly/16EbEt #
  • LinkedIn is stepping up it's game. Contact tagging, Discussion follows. Good stuff, check it out. #
  • Freddie Mac: Losses Narrowed in 2009. Enterprise Financed Over Two Million Homes http://ow.ly/16EIGa #
  • MBA Proposes Forbearance for Unemployed Borrowers – The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has proposed a new tool … http://ow.ly/16Ft3J #
  • Fannie Mae to Clean Up Purchase Process. And Jumpstart the Non-Agency Market at Same Time? http://ow.ly/16FKQK #
  • Another Foreclosure Alternative http://ow.ly/16G9sn #
  • FHFA Extends High LTV Refinance Program into 2011 – Homeowners who hope to refinance existing mortgages that are &q… http://ow.ly/16H3Od #