Weekly Twitter Digest for 2009-11-17
  • HAMP on Track to Reach Goals. No Update On Redefault Rate – The Treasury Department announced Tuesday morning that … http://ow.ly/160R6F #
  • The Day Ahead: Risk Returns after Profit-Taking Thursday – With the Dow climbing for six consecutive days and break… http://ow.ly/161x8l #
  • Loan Ceiling Extended http://ow.ly/161IHP #
  • [TidBit] Tax Credit Deadline for members of military extended by 1yr. for those who has served outside U.S. =>90 days from 1/1/09-5/1/10. #
  • The Bond Exchange: advertising a Subprime Premium rider for Mortgage Broker Surety Bonds. Not following the channel too closely I guess. #
  • Recap: Bernanke Discusses the Economic and Policy Outlook – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke today spoke at th… http://ow.ly/162adJ #