How To Keep Burglars From Knowing You’re On Vacation

There’s some common sense ways to protect your home from burglary — keep the doors locked, the windows shut, and the alarm system on, for example. 

But drawing from a series of interviews with ex-convicts, NBC’s The Today Show reveals there are ways by which a vacationing homeowner can unwittingly make his home a theft target.  Awareness is the key to prevention.

As cited in the video, when vacationing:

  • Have neighbors pick up mail and newspapers daily
  • If it snows, have somebody drive tire tracks on your driveway
  • Don’t announce your vacation on social media networks
  • If you don’t have a safe, consider moving valuables to a child’s room

You can’t protect a home 100 percent from burglary, but you can at least make it “not the easiest target” on the street.  Use your common sense, and follow the steps outlined in the video.

It’s what the burglars don’t want you to know.