10 Oddball Tax Deductions That The IRS Actually Allows

Get more deductions, save more moneyIt’s Tax Day today and who among us doesn’t love a legitimate tax deduction?

The IRS expects to process 138 million tax returns this year and accompanying those returns will be a melange of tax deduction requests. 

Most will be run-of-the-mill including such staples as mortgage interest, vehicle mileage, and child care deductions. Others, however, will be less ordinary.

On its website, TurboTax pays homage to some of the most off-the-wall, offbeat tax deductions through the years permitted by the IRS. 

Among the “weirdest deductions allowed“:

  • A bodybuilder’s body oil so his muscles would glisten in competition
  • A private airplane for owners of investment properties
  • Landscaping for a sole proprietor that meets clients at home
  • A swimming pool for a man with emphysema

Tax deductions are prized by U.S. taxpayers. Hopefully, your 2008 tax returns included some good ones, too.