Weekly Digest for 2008-11-16
  • [RESPA Reform] NAMB – HUD RESPA Rule Released (Changes take effect January 1, 2010.) http://budurl.com/raq2 #
  • [Interest Rates] Rates Pause in Roller-Coaster Ride http://budurl.com/fzds #
  • [Deflation] Everything is Deflating, Not Just House Prices (Nice post from Morgan simplifying concept of deflation.) http://budurl.com/xzym #
  • [RESPA Violations] oRE Marketing Agreements ‘Troubling’ to Colorado Regulator, HUD (Better watch out Wells Fargo.) http://budurl.com/v2zm #
  • Just posted on ActiveRain: Real Estate Marketing Agreements under fire from Colorado Regulator Erin Toll. http://activerain.com/t/790080 #

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