Update: REBlogWorld – Communication – Barb Van Horn

A good friend recently told me that I needed to embrace a ‘beta’ philosophy and just get the content out there. I see the light. I agree, so welcome to the J. Berman Group {beta}.

What is a blog? Well this is a blog. Albeit a rudimentary and basic effort. I like to refer to it as a BlogCast as we are casting our services via this site to you, our customer and our potential customer.

What are we doing these days?
Aside from keeping up with the barrage of mortgage industry changes, I am speaking to many groups large and small about the power of blogging and working virtually.

I believe the real estate and mortgage agents of the future will spend more of their time utilizing the computer for their services. Marketing, workflow management, customer education, and back-end production will all be handled on the computer and on the web.

To that end, I am involved in organizing one of the largest meet-ups of Real Estate bloggers in the country this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center on September 19th. It’s called REBlogWorld.

I believe this will be the Future of Mortgage Lending.

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Our foundation:
Barb & I have been building a framework that will sustain a more intimate conversation with you, our customer. Success in the mortgage business begets more business. A workflow that is unable to handle increased volumes will break down. This results in an inconsistent financing experience for our customer and more work for us. Many originators (myself included) have suffered from this challenge over the years. Barb & I recognize this and we have spent time building our workflow around simple, reliable tools that will sustain good communication with less deviation when our volume fluctuates.

There are many in the lending industry that hope the traditional ways of operating a mortgage company will survive. Banks in particular with their strategy the past twenty years of building branches at every stoplight in America believe that expensive bricks and mortar operations are sustainable.

We disagree and have decided that cutting all unnecessary expenses from the operation and moving online to conduct business is the future of Mortgage Lending.

We still offer expert advice. Understanding the tax implications of a real estate financing decision is beyond the playbook of most most originators and bank employees. Tax analysis is critical when helping a customer select the best mortgage product. We do that.

We also bring a privileged network of funding sources to the table. This experience makes us a compelling first choice among mortgage originators in the state of Colorado. 

Not all of this is easy to execute!
Virtual mortgage companies do have challenges. We are more susceptible to communication breakdowns than other brick and mortar ‘overhead intensive’ models. So we have spent the past 18 months working through these challenges. This has provided us with the opportunity and experience to improve our workflow. We are confident that our responsiveness to customers needs is as good as traditional models, if not better.

Customers that choose the J. Berman Group receive great advice, transparent & ethical lending practices, and obtain ultra competitive financing terms. It is our job to make this relationship valuable enough that you will be obliged to let us help you, your family, and your friends with their most important home financing decisions. We hope this BlogCast is another step in solidifying our ability to accomplish our job, our commitment, to you.

Increased knowledge and loan origination coverage
I’ve never received as many compliments about a member of my team as I have with Barb Van Horn. So I’m pleased to announce that Barb is a fully registered loan originator licensed to do business in Colorado.

Barb’s enthusiasm and willingness to expand her abilities is a great asset to our team. This will improve our ability to handle additional customer referrals & inquiries. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to have Barb increase her role on the team.

That’s all for now. Please don’t hesitate to use the ‘Call Me’ button if you have questions. Until next time….